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Marengo Gray

Serving Tray

From: KD 11.000
Simple yet elegant trays for your hospitality, made of Acrylic with colored edgy metal handles. Available in two sizes, medium and large. And available colors are beige and dark gray.  


KD 23.000
The Arabic Coffee Cup Stand with a creative design makes your coffee cup set a piece of art. Made of beige coated metal, it can hold 5 cups of coffee. as a beauty touch, a piece of wood was added to the design with the possibility of engraving your name on it. Engraving services are currently not available.

Gahwa w Chay

KD 34.500
A wooden tray with 2 oval base stoves to heat your drinks like coffee, tea or milk..    

Mubkharat Al Teeb

KD 54.000
Elegant beige stand and a wooden block with mubkhar. It can be used for your parties or at home for your clothes. Made of metal and wood. Measurements: 70.5 x 25 cm