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Oval Base

KD 23.000
Make your hospitality more elegant with our unique stand, helps you heat your favorite drink. Oval Base is a beautiful collaboration between Kuwait Choice and the artist Lamya Bin Salama - @NEW KUWAIT Size: 15x20 cm

Oval stand

KD 35.000
An elegant piece that combines wood and metal The product consists of: - A free space to organize tea&coffee estikana - Base in blue metal and wood - Burning flame for heating purposes Oval Stand is a beautiful collaboration between Kuwait Choice and the artist Lamya Bin Salama - @NEW KUWAIT

Crescent Dowa

KD 27.500 KD 39.000
Ornate Stand with Electric Stove The design was inspired by the crescent shape and the croissant. Beautifully crafted stand, A piece of art and practicality at the same time. Product Details: - Metal stand, with wooden shelf - Electric stove - Glass Container with cover Important notice ** The accessories in the picture are to illustrate the uses of the product and are not included in the price.
Marengo Gray
Pistachio Green

Hospitality Stand

KD 17.500 KD 35.000
Elegant stand made of metal, in a Marengo Gray color. It has four compartments, in the shape of a triangle, with a wooden cover. In the middle, there is a place for a burner flame for heating purposes (the price includes one burner) ** Does not include pots and/or Arabic coffee


KD 23.000
The Arabic Coffee Cup Stand with a creative design makes your coffee cup set a piece of art. Made of beige coated metal, it can hold 5 cups of coffee. as a beauty touch, a piece of wood was added to the design with the possibility of engraving your name on it.

Bukhour Corner

KD 37.500

Perfect gift for Bukhor lovers!

A complete bundle containing everything you might need for bukhor. Contains: - Bukhor Kit (mini charcoal, tong, 1 toula Moori bukhor, torch lighter) - Tray (beige, medium) - Metal Mubkhar